VZ 58 Folding stock module GE 2 w/ CTR type stock

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Time proven combination of our second generation of folding stock module with the CTR type stock.

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Product detailed description

The second model series of the popular folding stock module for Sa 58 weapons.

New, lightweight, beautifully crafted with a brilliant finish.

For this module, we prioritized weight. Compared to the first steel version, we made this product lighter by about 200g.

It is made of duralumin AW 7075.

The screw connection with the pipe is made with a steel screw.

The module also allows height adjustment just like the original version.

In terms of shape, we have slimmed down this module a bit compared to version one and improved the leading edges for folding.

The whole segment is made by CNC machining from solid material.

These are not casts.

Everything needed to attach to the weapon is part of the product.

What can it do?
the possibility of movement of the bolt carrier when the module is folded down
adjustable stock height without the need to use cheekpieces, for 16 mm straight stocks
the possibility of placing the door knocker at the end of the pipe - the duralumin joint with its parameters makes this possible
the stock module enables the installation of a battery case or a waterproof box.
tilting the stock to a direct operating position with one hand
extension of the extended stock to 315 mm
duralumin belt loop with high strength
weapon stock in the axis of the barrel +/- (stock tube made of anodized duralumin)
all weapon controls can be used with the stock down
How do you shoot with it?
Those who have tried it so far have been pleased with the durability, robustness and strength of the connection with the weapon.

The joint is made of duralumin, its weight changes the weight ratio of the weapon, which fits your body better than before.

In addition, it does not exceed the height of the bolt housing near the bolt cover, so together it creates a good design unit.


Whole product weight is 330g

Joint material dural AW 7075
Hardened anodized aluminum tube
Joint with belt eye hardened anodized aluminum
The stock end is not included in the price, as each of you already owns one.

The usual end of the stock intended for this should be of commercial size, which are all available from CAA, FAB and others.

The joint extends the stock by 26 mm, which when using the original tube with the end of the stock makes a total length of 316-320 mm when extended.

We will supply the joint itself without the tube only to those interested who have bought fixed stock tubes from us in the past with or without a stock end.

Before the actual launch on the market, these modules were tested by members of the intervention unit, soldiers on a foreign mission, shooters from among our friends and comrades, and some customers who visited us, lured the modules out of us and then published them beautifully quickly with photos, for example on a shooting forum.

Although the price is not quite as popular as we would imagine, please consider that in solving this problem we smoked several cartons of cigarettes, drank several tens of liters of spirits, repainted it several times and threw it away many times :)

I won't even talk about the subsequent production and tests, when I got the feeling that most companies bought CNC machines just because they got subsidies from the EU and then maybe they will learn how to do it someday.

After the very essential elements, such as the expert rail system, another no less important thing was added to the SA vz.58, the folding expert module with all the fulfilled requirements that you bombarded us with in previous years.

You will finally be able to enjoy all of your gun straps and belts that you have purchased over the years.



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