Vz 58 Stocks

In this category you will find our range of stocks for SA 58 weapons. In addition to fixed stocks, we offer extendable and collapsible stocks that are in the axis of the barrel.

Why is a barrel axis stock better than a standard camber?

By aligning the stock to the axis of the barrel, the weapon has a more pleasant transfer of recoil, behaves more calmly when shooting and improves its control.


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ACE Skeleton Sa 58 folding stock

Ace Skeleton light and airy stock made of duralumin 7075-T6. An absolute "must have" for us and other Sa58 enthusiasts.

VZ 58 Folding stock module GE I

There are many stocks on the market that meet only a certain part of the shooters requirements. Our modules for Sa 58 weapons are considerably cheaper than any other...

VZ 58 Folding stock module GE II

The second model series of the popular folding stock module for Sa 58 weapons. New, lightweight, beautifully crafted with a brilliant finish. For this module, we prioritized...

VZ 58 Fixed stock complete

Fixed stock tube for all kinds of comm-spec stock bodies.

VZ 58 Fixed stock tube commercial-spec Expert

Fixed stock tube for all types of stock bodies. Attaches with original fixed stock screw. Compatible with commercial types of buttstocks such as Magpul, FAB, CAA and more.

VZ 58 Fixed wooden stock Klinsky

Perhaps the only one factory made wooden stock on the market. Smooth finish and overall perfect work provide great feel and highly comfortable shooting.

VZ 58 Collapsible stock complete w/ GL-Core stock

Collapsible stock GL-CORE complete. This izraelian stock is fitted with lightweight metal tube (comm-spec) with durable finish.

VZ 58 Collapsible stock complete w/ CTR type stock

Collapsible stock CTR type complete. This buttstock offers ruggedness and simple design. Minimal length is handy while wearing balistic armor.

VZ 58 Folding stock D-Force Aggressor

This folding stock is completely Czech product. It is a very nice looking piece made from Duralumin and steel.  

VZ 58 Folding stock Galil 2

Folding stock Galil 2 with polymer joint for VZ.58 - a more affordable version of similar Galil 2 with metal joint. Nicely made. Ideally suited for range or competition use.

VZ 58 Folding stock Arsenal

Simple folding stock Arsenal -very heavy. The base of this stock is an original folding stock on which the polymer is subsequently pressed and thus a new original shape is...

VZ 58 Original folding stock

The collapsible stock for Sa 58 weapons is new, fully functional, solid at the joint. The joint itself may have minor paint scratches in places due to storage.The stock is in...

VZ 58 Collapsible stock complete w/ GLR 16 stock

Collapsible stock GLR16 complete. This izraelian stock is fitted with lightweight metal tube (comm-spec) with durable finish. Stock is attractive for it's ruggedness and inner...

VZ 58 Folding stock module GE I w/ CTR type stock

The most popular stock end combination to our GE-I folding module for Sa 58 weapons at a very interesting discounted price.

VZ 58 Folding stock module GE 2 w/ CTR type stock

Time proven combination of our second generation of folding stock module with the CTR type stock.

VZ 58 Separate stock body FAB GL-Core

GL-CORE polymer stock from the Israeli company FAB-Defense with complete accessories. The stock is characterized by great strength and simple design. Its concept enables the...

VZ 58 Fixed stock complete CSA

The fixed buttstock is made of black polymer and manfuactured  in the Czech Republic. ALL hardware is included with the fixed stock to mount this stock to the rifle.

VZ 58 Separated stock body CTR type

The butt end is standardized for commercial tubes compatible with Expert tubes. The tip is supplied with a soft rubber shoe approx. 8 mm high. This is a very good copy of the...

VZ 58 Separated stock body FAB GLR 16

The end of the stock is standardized for commercial tubes. Polymer butt end in black from the Israeli company FAB DEFENSE. The stock has a rubber butt, front and rear strap...

VZ 58 Cheek rest for GL-Core stock

If you have purchased a stock from the Israeli company FAB DEFENSE GL-CORE, you have the option to extend it with a height-adjustable cheekpiece. An Allen key is included in...

vz58parts cheek rest glr16

Polymer cheekrest in black color from the Israeli manufacturer FAB DEFENSE designed for the end of the GLR16 stock. The cheekrest is height adjustable.

VZ 58 Extension for original fixed stock

Extension for the original fixed stock VZ58 with screw

VZ 58 Extension for original folding stock

Extension for the original folding stock VZ58 with screw

VZ 58 Magnetic kit for holding stock D-Force Aggressor

The Aggressor folding stock magnetic kit is actually a slide-on segment on the oval section of the folding stock tube with a neodymium magnet. Fixes the folding stock to the...

VZ 58 Adapter for telescopic stock tube with rail

Adapter for telescopic stock tubes with rail is designed for all vz.58 models & their clones. It eliminates 6° angle of the stock. It allows thus zero angle of the stock. 

VZ 58 Stock tube pluck

A simple plug to close the stock tube.Protects the inside of the tube against dirt and water.Made of black polymer.Designed for commercial (comm-spec) tubes.

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