Vz 58 Original parts

In this category you will find original parts and accessories for VZ 58 weapons offered by us.

These are authentic original parts (from original military stock).

Some parts were only stored and are therefore practically new, some parts were already used in original military weapons.

You can find this information in the product description.


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VZ 58 Barrel pin

Secures the barrel into receiver.

VZ 58 Bolt catch

Comes w/o the spring and pin. Bolt catch holds the bolt opened after the magazine is emptied (or when pressed manually, of course).

VZ 58 Bolt catch spring

Original bolt catch spring

400 vz5836

Original VZ 58 breech lock. The breech lock performs a swinging movement, during which it locks the entire bolt. It is carried by the bolt carrier together with the bolt....

VZ 58 Butt plate

Butt plate for the original fixed stock  


Original VZ 58 disconnector. A part found in all types of Sa vz.58 clones, except the VZ 2058 weapons, which are equipped with a modified disconnector (you can find it in the...

VZ 58 Disconnector spring

Original disconnector spring

400 vz5822

Original VZ 58 ejector. The ejector ejects empty cartridges back due to the movement of the bolt. By adjusting it, you can achieve a change in the direction of throwing...


Original VZ 58 extractor in caliber 7.62. The component is different for different calibers. The puller is part of the complete bolt, such a small nothing for a lot of money....

VZ 58 Extractor spring

Original spring - part of the shutter block assembly

VZ 58 Extractor support

Original VZ 58 extractor support. The extractor support is part of the complete bolt and is the same for both calibers. On the side of the smaller diameter, the spring of the...

VZ 58 Firing pin 7,62

Original VZ 58 firing pin 7.62. The firing pin is part of the bolt, different for calibers 5.56 and 7.62. For the firing pin, its length is important. If you have a problem...

VZ 58 Fixed stock front plate

Original front plate in gray color for original fixed stock.

VZ 58 Fixed stock screw

If you're about to change from folding stock to fixed, you're gonna need this screw to attach it. Length 82mm. Screw is hollowed. Black finish.

VZ 58 Fixed stock screw washer

Original steel washer for fixed stock screw Blackened

VZ 58 Folding stock screw

This screw is used to attach folding stock to the receiver. Only works with the original folding stock or with D-Force Aggressor stock.

VZ 58 Front sight base

Front sight base for all kinds of the VZ58. New part for gunsmiths. All front sight bases possess the bayonet lug (as shown in the photo). The front sight base is Czech Small...

VZ 58 Front sight base pin

Original pin for installing the front sight base on the barrel. 2 pins must be used to install the front sight base.

400 vz58111

Original VZ 58 front sight nut.

VZ 58 Front swivel

A sling swivel for the original issued sling. Made of steel, blackened

VZ 58 Front swivel T  front-swivel

Front sling swivel, T-shaped variant.

VZ 58 Gas adapter

Original VZ 58 gas adapter The device is pressed onto the barrel in the place of the gas channel. It is supplied without a drilled hole for gas collection, without holes for a...

VZ 58 Gas adapter

Gas adapter is used for shooting blank ammo. Mounts to the original muzzle threading. Designed to tear up when accidentaly used with live ammo and thus save the rifle (and...

VZ 58 Grip nut

Original grip nut for VZ 58. Steel - hardened

VZ 58 Handguard spacer fitting

Lower handguard spacer fitting - sits on the end of original lower handguard and reinforces the notch for handguard pin.

lp zachyt s vyp pakou

Original VZ 58 left and right striker catch with release lever.

VZ 58 Left striker catch

Original VZ 58 left striker catch. The left striker catch for VZ.58 is part of the striker catch assembly.

VZ 58 Lower hadguard front fitting

This fitting is placed on the front end of original lower handguard, fits into the gas block.  This piece is without the exterior treatment.

VZ 58 Lower handguard pin

Handguard pin secures the lower handguard to the receiver. You have a choice of either the original closed pin (used) or the open type which is newly manufactured.The opening...

VZ 58 Magazine catch

This original part can be replaced by a new innovative one, made for faster and easier mag changes. Check our unique parts offer.

VZ 58 Magazine catch pin

One of two original variants of magazine catch pin, goes through a hole in magazine catch and also secures the bolt catch in the receiver. Picture shows variant 2. Variant 1...

VZ 58 Magazine catch pin secure pin

This little thing has to be pulled out before you can pull out the magazine catch pin. Made of steel - hardened, blackened  

VZ 58 Magazine catch spring

Original magazine catch spring for all VZ 58 rifle models

VZ 58 Muzzle thread cover

Protects the vulnerable muzzle threading. Has to be screwed all the way down, so it won't protrude over the muzzle edge (which would affect the ballistics). No need to use it...

VZ 58 Muzzle thread cover lock

Original VZ 58 locking pin of the muzzle thread protector. It is installed in the front sight base, where it is locked with the help of a spring and a pin of the base of the...

VZ 58 Original bayonet

Original used bayonet for VZ.58. Scales are made of wood-mass filled plastic, blade length 17,5cm, overall length 28,5cm.

VZ 58 Original folding stock

The collapsible stock for Sa 58 weapons is new, fully functional, solid at the joint. The joint itself may have minor paint scratches in places due to storage.The stock is in...

VZ 58 Pistol grip screw

Original pistol grip screw. Also fits Arsenal grips. FAB grips come with a different screw.

400 vz58141

Brand new original VZ 58 piston  Piston for barrel lengths 300/390/410/473/486. Made of stainless steel with more chrome, very durable and hard material. The piston is...

VZ 58 Piston spring

A vital part to keep the rifle's automatic system working. Length 44mm. Made of spring steel. Original part.

400 vz58143

Original VZ 58 piston stopper.  The stopper is designed for gunsmiths. It is inserted into the bolt housing before the barrel is pressed and serves as a piston stop in...

VZ 58 Rear swivel complete

Rear sling loop, sling stud and base.

VZ 58 Reciever cover pin

Original VZ 58 reciever cover pin The reciever cover pin is used to fix the reciever cover to the gun case. I can't imagine how anyone could screw this up. It is of course...

VZ 58 Reciever cover pin safety pin


krycí plech

Original VZ 58 reciever cover with springs in very good condition with no surface defects.

VZ 58 Release lever

Original VZ 58 release lever. The release lever lowers the right firing pin catch when the slide is in the forward position. In a third of its length, it has a hole through...

VZ 58 Return spring

Return spring for original receiver cover. Is fit for all kinds of VZ58. Steel spring. Lenght 400 mm.

VZ 58 Return spring cap

Original VZ 58 return spring cap. Disassembly and assembly is extremely dangerous. "Professionals" can put it on even with shoe laces, but for others I recommend using a...

VZ 58 Return spring guide

Original VZ 58 return spring guide. The return spring guide is a shaped steel wire that, together with the pin, holds the return spring in a contracted state for proper...

záchyt úderníku P

Original VZ 58 right striker catch. The right striker catch for VZ 58 is part of the striker catch assembly.

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