Vz 58 Unique parts

In this category you will find unique parts and accessories for VZ 58 weapons offered by us.

These are improved parts invented by us that you will not find almost anywhere else on the market!

Everything is tested and tuned to ensure 100% compatibility and reliability.


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Tactical bolt release Expert

Tactical bolt release lever Expert can be used on semi-automatic rifles Sa vz. 58, CZ858 Tactical, CZH 2003, FSN01 and on other versions of semi-automatic rifles mentioned above...

Tactical bolt release Zendl

The Tac Bolt Release has been designed to operate fully with all VZ receivers whether. New Manufacture, Surplus or US made. Requires no fitting, swap-and-go installation.

VZ 58 adjustable rear sight Target

Height and side adjustable rear sight for VZ 58 and its clones. Precision steel product - hardened, blackened

VZ 58 Ambidextrous safety

New model ambidexterous safety for CZ 858 Tactical and VZ2058 Expert only. Safe - open only 45 degrees.

VZ 58 Deflector for riflescopes POSP

This part directs the ejected cases, so that they don't hit the scope and thus prevents it from getting damaged. Prevents jamming the empty case between bolt carrier and scope,...

VZ 58 Extended magazine release Expert

This release lever is designed for faster and more comfortable mag releasing, using right index finger. Works great even with gloves. No gunsmitting needed to install, no...

VZ 58 Extended magazine release Zendl

This release lever is designed for faster and more comfortable mag releasing, using right index finger. Works great even with gloves.  Out of all mag releases out there,...

VZ 58 Extension for original fixed stock

Extension for the original fixed stock VZ58 with screw

VZ 58 Extension for original folding stock

Extension for the original folding stock VZ58 with screw

VZ 58 Fiber optic front sight

An interesting upgrade for your iron sights. Significantly higher visibility, compared to the standard iron sight.

VZ 58 Fixed stock plate

Base plate for Expert tube stocks serves for sling attachment. The base plate doesn't straighten the stock in-line with barrel.  

VZ 58 Folding stock screw | hex key

Folding stock screw - inner hex key size 5 mm. High quality product. This screw is used to attach folding stock to the receiver. Only works with the original folding stock,...

VZ 58 Front sight Target

Sport front sight Sa vz 58 Target. This product is offered for the Target VZ 2058 side-shift sight, together with which it forms a set of sporting sights for SA 58 weapons and...

VZ 58 Front sight tool

A tool for side adjustment of the front sight (also for height adjustment at certain versions). Rising of the screw is same as on the original tool (0,75mm).

VZ 58 Front sight with fiber optic Target

Sports front sight Sa vz 58 Target - fiber optic. This product is offered for the Target VZ 2058 light guide sight with side shift, together with which it forms a set of...

VZ 58 Fully adjustable rear sight with fiber optic Target

Side and height adjustable, light guide sight for all versions of the Sa vz 58.  Weight 30 grams, material steel, hardened, black finish and laser markings. The screw of the...

VZ 58 Modified disconnector

Modified disconnector for CZ858 /VZ.58. This new part has been developed to deal with the reliability problems caused by converting the VZ.58 rifle to semi-auto only, such as...

VZ 58 Muzzle adapter for AK rifle accessories

This adapter allows you to use AK muzzle accessories such as compensators on your VZ.58. The adapter allows the use of some compensators from AK or Works rifles. Has to be...

VZ 58 Plate with sling attachment for Galil 2 stock

For owners of Galil 2 stock from FAB we have a good news - this stock plate allowing sling attachment either on left or right for your GALIL 2 stock for Vz.58 rifles.  As...

VZ 58 Side rail for riflescopes POSP

This side rail for vz.58 is designed to work with riflescopes and collimators POSP, PK-A and PK-AS with downside mounting SVD.

VZ 58 Sight set with fiber optics

A very nice light guide set of sights for the SA58 gun, available in red and green. The front sight is a newly made part, the rear sight plate with the slider is an original...

VZ 58 T-shirt | The legends live on

T-shirt with short sleeves in green-grey color. Material strength 200 g/m2. The t-shirt belongs to the more durable ones, you will spend the summer with it on the water and at...

VZ 58 Weaver mount for Trijicon ACOG & RMR / SRO red dot

After several years of determination, we set out to produce a mount that is intended for Trijicon Acog 4x32 and others that use the connection of the EOS itself and some...

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