VZ 58 Left and right striker catch with release lever (shipping only EU)

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Original VZ 58 left and right striker catch with release lever.

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Original VZ 58 left and right striker catch with release lever.

Operation of the mechanism when firing single shots

The cocked striker has two catches (right and left). When firing single rounds, the left catch is depressed when the trigger is pressed. The right still holds the firing pin until the barrel is closed and locked. Only then does the breech carrier depress the release lever, which depresses the right catch. The released firing pin, accelerated by the firing pin spring, strikes the fuze in a rectilinear motion. Initiation of cartridges is mechanical, by striking the primer on the primer of the cartridge. During the reverse movement, the bolt carrier stops pressing the release lever and at the same time depresses the breaker. The firing pin moves rearward with the slide and remains captured by both catches. Then, by pressing the trigger again, the whole cycle can be repeated.

Action of the mechanism when firing a burst

When firing a burst, the breaker is disabled by lowering the safety lever beyond the reach of the bolt carrier. The striker is also captured by both catches. When the trigger is pulled, the left catch is lowered while the right still holds the firing pin. After closing and locking the barrel, the bolt carrier depresses the automatic trigger, releasing the right catch and releasing the firing pin. The automatic trigger also prevents firing of the cartridge when the bolt is not fully closed. After the primer of the cartridge is initiated, the rearward moving bolt carrier releases the release lever. Because the breaker is disengaged, the left catch is held off the firing pin by the trigger still pressed. It is captured only by the right capture. The catch is reduced again by depressing the release lever after closing and locking the barrel. The cycle repeats until the trigger is pulled or all rounds are fired. If the trigger is released, the firing pin is also engaged with the left catch.

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